GPU2020 Blade

Deep Learning Server with up to 10 GPUs

GPU server with up to ten customizable GPUs. Pre-installed with Ubuntu, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, CUDA, and cuDNN.

8x GPU Server for Deep Learning

Trusted by thousands of customers worldwide

Researchers and engineers at universities, start-ups, Fortune 500s, public agencies, and national labs use GPU2020 to power their artificial intelligence workloads.

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Top Configurations

Optimized configurations that won't bottleneck

Our top configuration are benchmarked and tuned to eliminate CPU, memory, and storage bottlenecks when running deep learning workloads.

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GPU2020 Blade Basic, a Deep Learning Server with up to 10x GPUs

Up to 10x GPUs

2x CPUs (Up to 56 Total Cores)
Up to 10x GPUs
Up to 6 TB of Memory
Storage is Customizable
Networking is Customizable
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GPU2020 Blade Premium, a Deep Learning Server with 8x RTX 6000

8x Quadro RTX 6000

2x Xeon Gold 5218 (16 Cores)
8x RTX 6000 GPUs
512 GB of Memory
1.92 TB NVMe SSD
$ 40,138
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GPU2020 Blade Max, a Deep Learning Server with 8x RTX 8000

8x Quadro RTX 8000

2x Xeon Gold 5218 (16 Cores)
8x RTX 8000 GPUs
768 GB of Memory
3.84 TB NVMe SSD
$ 54,273
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Not seeing what you're looking for?

GPUs, processors, storage, networking, and memory are fully customizable. Get in touch and we'll design a system that matches your specifications.

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Zero setup, easy updates

GPU2020 Stack comes free with your computer. Machine Learning libraries work out-of-the box and can be updated automatically.

Ubuntu 18.04 comes pre-installed
TensorFlow comes pre-installed
PyTorch comes pre-installed
Keras comes pre-installed

Frequently asked questions

Not seeing the answer to your question? Contact sales

What if I want a specific GPU, CPU, storage setup, networking config, [...] that's not available on the website?
We offer many options for GPUs, CPUs, storage, and networking that aren't available on the website. If you don't see the option you want, contact our sales team by email at or by phone at +86-18677555856. Please note that customized machines are subject to our Custom Orders Return Policy.
What if my server develops a hardware issue?
GPU2020 offers perpetual support from our engineers and up to 3 years of warranty. If you experience issues with your GPU2020 Blade, our engineers are available by email at and by phone at +86-18677555856. We will immediately replace any faulty components (e.g. GPU, CPU, RAM, power supply), which you may return at your convenience. If your GPU2020 Blade is still under warranty, all replacements will be free of charge. Solutions to technical issues may also be found within our community, Deep Talk.
Are discounts available to academics, students, non-profits, public agencies, or start-ups?
Yes, discounts are available. Your discount will depend on industry, project size, and instituation. For more details, please contact us by email at or by phone at +86-18677555856.
When will my purchase be delivered?
The GPU2020 Blade typically ships within 3-4 business days of purchase. Highly customized orders may have a longer lead times. For the most accurate delivery estimates, please contact our sales team.
Does GPU2020 offer shipping to countries outside the United States?
Yes, GPU2020 ships globally. Please note if you're outside the United States, your order may be subject to duties and tariffs. For more information, please contact our sales team.
What operating system options are available?
The GPU2020 Blade typically ships with either Ubuntu 18.04 or Windows 10 Pro. Alternative operating systems are also available. Please contact us for details.
How loud is this server?
Due to its high noise level, the GPU2020 Blade should be kept in a space separate from where you'll be working - such as a server room or data center. This server produces its peak noise level during boot-up, while executing a Power-On Self-Test.
What payment methods are accepted?
We accept wire transfers, ACH transfers, and credit cards. Please note that credit card transactions are subject to an additional 3% charge.
Are financing options available?
Yes, we offer financing through a third party partner, Partners Capital Group.
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